Saturday, June 2, 2018

Seafood? Finest at Sea is a Must See

Finest at Sea is a little gem that the casual tourist might overlook, however, if seafood is your thing you gotta stop here! A favorite of locals, this establishment offers fresh, daily catch, seasonal seafood. Walk around to the back of the shop and see the mongers hard at work. You'll see tanks of live mussels and oysters and view fresh caught salmon, halibut, or whatever happens to be in season. Feeling hungry? Look no further than the driveway for the Finest at Sea food cart where you can enjoy an amazing salmon burger, fish and chips and cool off with a local soda. For yours truly, this is a favorite stop at the end of a long bike ride along Dallas Road. I'll often grab a salmon burger and park myself on the grass in the park just across the street.


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